Friday, September 23, 2011

Double Dip Recession

Maybe not double dip, but there's certainly another period of downturn in our economy.

The problems that have lead to this point have to do with issues of wealth distribution. I don't believe anything illegal is going on at wall Street btw. I would rather say that Wall Street is inherently greedy, and they're inherently good at making money. Two and two together and you have a system that rewards short term gains. That system was one predicated by politicians on both spectrums over the periods since Reagan.

We permitted this by electing these officials. If you don't vote then shut up. If you do vote vote for change. But when I see everyone getting upset about losing their money and this and that, steal from the rich, I say, well you want to be the 1%. Maybe we need to adjust the way we look at things ourselves. The American dream can't lead to everyone getting rich, maybe we're after the wrong things. Personal choices need to adjust.

Sure, fine, increase regulations on some industries. Evidently we can't trust private enterprise to pass along wealth and act for anybody's best interests except their own. But is giving government that cash better? Doubt it.

Rant over.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lower Taxes! Republican Fail Yet Again

Obama wants to balance the books and so far has received ZERO help from REpublicans. Keep that in mind, the Republicans don't want to work to save America, they only want to make the rich richer. Now, it's not just them, Obama was supposed to be the impetus to change in the US but he lost most opportunities to stamp out status quo. Regardless, when it comes to increasing taxes on the very very rich, only the top 5%, ALL Republicans are up in arms. I get the fact Republicans are all about less govt and more business (personal wealth), but is that sustainable? Can we really support a country that relies on China for debt obligations? Can we really support 50% of GDP going to military (maybe it's not that high)? I get the idea that taxing those who are creating jobs doesn't help things, but you have to get the money from somewhere. Is the govt' better? Probably not. But last I checked there's no new jobs being created, but financial execs are getting their hundreds of millions for short term profts and not long term sustainability. the question will Joe Schmoe give a damn and vote? Republicans seem to be spinning their position largely based on, get this, fear. Either fear of terrorism or more than likely the fear of economy. Forget the fact the mess is mostly a Republican problem and their interest in helping only the wealthy (every meet a REpublican politician who gave a damn about the poor more than the rich? it's been a while), they'll leverage the economic problem for political gain. Uninformed Americans will flock to polls in an effort to save their country at the hands of the socialists/fascists/liberals/communists. (FYI, if you're Republican, first come up with a coherent argument, and then come up with just one label, of which none of the aforementioned ones apply.)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Anybody Else Bothered By Republican Lies?

If Obama wants to make taxes a bit more equitable (after 20 years of Republican roll backs for the exceptionally wealthy) is that a bad thing? Yes, the govt is a waste of space when it comes to handling taxes, but that doesn't mean the wealthy shouldn't pay. Here's some hilarity. The Republicans hear about tax increases and claim 'class wars that will split America'. Really? 5% of the population make 1 million and more. Last I checked 5% v 95% is not 50% v 50% I hope people will make informed decisions and not jump on the fear bandwagon which seems to be the only (And effective) ploy Republicans have.