Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Economic Fix Is.....Don't Trust Republicans

I think Republicans got it right, lower taxes or keep them low, so that job creators and do just that. Only problem, rich people don't need even LOWER taxes and they aren't creating jobs. The point of reducing taxes to the wealthy is to induce them to keep making money. When you look at it, say in the example of greedy financial execs, that money is just sunk into yachts. That's th eproblem, the economy doesn't work in the way it should because Republicans are only concerned about one thing--more. More money, more big toys, more wars, more oil, more more more. The sense of entitlement with that party is incredible. THe rich don't need MORE cuts, they need to PAY higher taxes. Of course then the issue is government waste, which is certainly true, but for th elove of God, there is no reason to keep protecting the rich. But I guess we shouldn't expect any less since all politicians left or right are mere puppets to big corporations who lobby. That's another blog post for another time though.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Who knew straw could be so powerful?

breaking camels backs and all.

but when iowa does straw, they do it with fanfare.

the iowa republican straw poll took place at the beginning of the month and the results were surprising to say the least. Pawlenty withdrew, Bachmann has a head of steam over favorite Paul, and some nut out of Texas thinks he has a chance.

Unfortunately for pundits, and fortunately for political tabloids (FOX), the success rate of Taxes Governors becoming President is pretty good.