Thursday, December 1, 2011

Labor Law for the 1%

to vote republican = less government. that much is so true, and heck, they're doing a good job sticking to their guns (at the expense of many others of course). but now we have more labor laws rolling out that, it seems, benefit a very select bunch of folks (and it's not the blue collar worker I'm talking about).

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  1. The trouble with the Republican ideal of "Small Government" is that once they ascend to power, they are apparently very fond of not only "Government" but they are fond of "Big Government" devices and mechanisms to the point that these things serve the advancement of their agendas.

    Thus the previous Conservative administrations (2000-2008) did one heck of a great job in creating the largest government bureaucracy in the history of our nation.

    John Liming
    Blue Heart Chronicles