Friday, September 23, 2011

Double Dip Recession

Maybe not double dip, but there's certainly another period of downturn in our economy.

The problems that have lead to this point have to do with issues of wealth distribution. I don't believe anything illegal is going on at wall Street btw. I would rather say that Wall Street is inherently greedy, and they're inherently good at making money. Two and two together and you have a system that rewards short term gains. That system was one predicated by politicians on both spectrums over the periods since Reagan.

We permitted this by electing these officials. If you don't vote then shut up. If you do vote vote for change. But when I see everyone getting upset about losing their money and this and that, steal from the rich, I say, well you want to be the 1%. Maybe we need to adjust the way we look at things ourselves. The American dream can't lead to everyone getting rich, maybe we're after the wrong things. Personal choices need to adjust.

Sure, fine, increase regulations on some industries. Evidently we can't trust private enterprise to pass along wealth and act for anybody's best interests except their own. But is giving government that cash better? Doubt it.

Rant over.

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